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Push Pull Controller CC

Category: PushPull Corridor

Push Pull Controller CC is used to control constant current LED bars, constant current lighting modules. It offers DIM facility with single cable, where new data line can not be possible. Dark environment problem is solved with "Corridor Function" feature on applications with motion detector.

CE CC DIM PushPull Corridor CV COB Power LED
Product Code LDC-PPL-CC


  • Max 1050mA Output Current
  • Selectable Output Current
  • Push Pull Control or "Corridor Funciton" Feature with Impulse Switch
  • Supports Single, 3 and 8 DMX Channel
  • Selectable Level For "Corridor Function
  • AC/DC Motion Detector Input

Application Fileds

  • Dimmable LED Installations ın Old Electrical Wiring
  • For Places Where New Data Line Can not be Possible for DIM
  • Minimum Lighting Level with "Corridor Function" Feature in Motionless Environment
  • DIM Applications with Motion Detector or Impulse Switch
  • For Constant Current "LED Panel", "LED Spot" and "LED Downlight"
Operating VoltageNumber of LEDsCurrentMax PowerOperating Temperature
12V1-3150mA-1050mA12W-10°C +55°C
24V3-6150mA-1050mA25W-10°C +55°C
36V6-9150mA-1050mA37W-10°C +55°C
48V9-12150mA-1050mA50W-10°C +55°C

Operating Modes - Swicth Position
Mode1CR.FNC %234CC5678910
Push PullOFF%0---150mA------
Corridor FunctionON%10ON--250mAON-----